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WATCH: Self-Proclaimed 'Time Traveler' Predicts Trump 2020 Re-Election

WATCH: Self-Proclaimed 'Time Traveler' Predicts Trump 2020 Re-Election

A mysterious man who claims to be a time traveler contacted Paranormal Elite, a conspiracy theory website, and offered very distressing predictions about the future. In one of his predictions, the time traveler reveals that Donald Trump will be re-elected President in 2020.

In a report by the Mirror, the time traveler, who insists on being referred to as "Noah," claims he is a 50-year-old man who took "secret drugs" to make himself appear 25.

He explains he suffers from depression and anorexia as a result of frequent time travel and was involved in some top secret government project. The man now lives in isolation in South Africa for fear of assassination.

Noah sent the website a video of himself, complete with pixelated face, reading from a pre-written document:

It is not my intent to decieve anybody. My sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists in the next few years. In fact, I, myself am a time traveler. I have traveled back to November 13, 2017 from early in the year 2021.

He goes on to explain that the technology for time travel had been in existence since 2003, but top secret organizations have only had access and it won't be available for public use until the year 2028, presumably to iron out any glitches.


In the video, he has moments of emotional breakdowns. He is still reeling from the shock of being fired, being stuck in the current time period, and unable to return. Out of empathy, the website generously sent him $700 worth of food and water to help him cope with the stress of living.

After collecting himself, he offers to prove that time travel is very real, and that he has predictions to prove it.


Take note: Noah says that electric cars would be able to travel 600 miles on a single charge by 2021. An article in LiveScience reported that a project Manager of Mobile Energy Storage Systems at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Dresden, Germany, was working with a team to develop electric cars that can travel 620 miles on a single charge. One way to accomplish this would be to manipulate the space inside a battery to allow for more storage of power. So far, it's a viable assessment.


Noah suggests investing heavily in virtual reality technology and being prepared for a spike in artificial intelligence in 2021. Google glasses are already available to consumers, but an even more advanced version with the processing power of a desktop computer, equipped with a high definition camera capability with an augmented reality screen, will be much more common.


After divulging his prediction that Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020, Noah says:

"I can say this 100 percent certainty. I know many of you will not believe me. I am simply telling you the truth. I am not giving my opinion on Donald Trump."


And with that, he concludes the video and signs off.

Who is Noah and will his predictions eventually manifest as reality?

Only time will tell.

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