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Airline Will Pay You $4.5k Per Month To Travel Around The World

Airline Will Pay You $4.5k Per Month To Travel Around The World
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A low-cost airline is recruiting aspiring jet-setters to spend the summer traveling the world. WOW Airlines, which provides cheap airfare between the United States and Europe, is seeking a "Travel Guide" to document their journey on social media.

The position, which runs from June 1 through August 15, pays $4,500 per month and is based out of Reykjavik, Iceland. The lucky person chosen for the job will get a fully furnished apartment in the Icelandic capital, from which they will fly to various destinations around the world. The best part? The winner gets to bring a friend along for the journey.

The application process is pretty rigorous, though. In addition to a written portion, candidates have to submit a two-minute video of their hometown and explain why they should be chosen as WOW's eyes and ears in various international cities. Applicants have until May 14, 2018 to submit themselves for approval.

This exciting and unique opportunity is generating excitement on Twitter. And who wouldn't be excited?

"Yeaaaaah sounds like me."


"This would be amazing!!! :)"

Yeah it would. But don't be fooled - these types of gigs are a lot of work. They require meticulous attention to detail, good behavior, and respect for the laws and customs of whatever countries are part of the tour.