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People Share The Worst Things That Have Happened To Them That Actually Made Life Better

People Share The Worst Things That Have Happened To Them That Actually Made Life Better

Sometimes, the worst moments in your life can actually be setting the stage for something just a little bit magical. Take it from me - losing my eyeball lead to a really cool job, a stint in a band, and the best romantic relationship I've ever been in.

It took time, obviously. It's not like I was rolled out of the surgical suite and life just handed me a gift basket of awesomeness as a consolation prize. But I can say with 100% certainty that losing the eye started the whole "ball" (yeah, eyeball puns are a thing now) rolling.

Reddit user DirtySyko asked:

What's something horrible that happened to you that ended up making your life better?

It turns out I'm not the only one who can pinpoint their positive life turns on one seemingly-negative moment. Check out all of these other people who, much like me and Queen Bey, made lemonade when life handed them lemons.

Go Home. Start Over.


Within a span of a couple months, the girl I thought I was going to marry left me for my friend, my sister was diagnosed with a life changing disease, my 11 year old cousin was diagnosed with Stage 2 brain cancer and my father walked out on his family.

Instead of self medicating and being depressed, my hardest decision in my life was calling my mom to tell her I was leaving college to come home to help get my situation better and help her with her own battles. And now, I'm the healthiest I've been mentally and physically and my family (excluding my father) is trending towards the right direction.

- GoEERs18

The Lost Scholarship

I lost a full ride scholarship and had to drop out of college. Afterwards, while working at a grocery store, I met my wife. Then she helped put me through school to get my masters degree.

Now she is finishing up her degree and when she gets a job I'll work from home and be a stay at home dad for our daughter.

Looking back now, it was a blessing. But it certainly didn't feel that way at the time. That was the darkest year of my life, and I owe a lot to the friends that helped me through. If you are going through a rough time, it may help to know it may be a positive overall in the end, and I hope you have people close to you that can help you work through it.

- StoneFenrir

Thanks, Hurricane Katrina


I was going to college down in Louisiana. The school got hit pretty bad by Katrina an they had to cancel school for a semester.

I ended up going home and going to a local school for a semester, planning to return to my school in January. Then they announced in November they were on track to open... but were phasing out my major. I needed to find a new school and get accepted in the matter of a few weeks.

While dealing with all this I was driving to go get a hair cut. A woman going the other direction on a road decided to take a sudden left turn across my lane and I broadsided her. My car was totaled.

The last piece was my girlfriend dumping me for a friend. She was still in Louisiana and because I wasn't there she ended up with him.

As you can imagine, it was a pretty depressing time. I had been working my butt off, I thought I was doing everything right, and stuff still went all wrong.

Here's where things started getting better...

Because I was affected by Katrina, schools were amazingly helpful letting me apply and get accepted. My previous school couldn't get my information so they basically took my word that I was in good academic standing. I was accepted to another school in about a week. And it was in a part of the country that didn't get hurricanes (that was actually one of my selection criteria). The school was near a company that hired me right after graduation in the field that I wanted to be in. This got me in the door literally a month or two before the bottom fell out of the market in 2008 and new graduates were struggling to find a job.

The lady that totaled my car admitted to her and my insurance that it was all her fault. Her insurance paid out more than my car really was worth. I got a better one.

The school was far away from home but my brother had a friend from high school that went there. I met her before I went there and she said she'd show me around when I got there. This was all about 14 years ago... she's sitting on the other end of the couch reading a story to our two kids.

So yeah, stuff sucked. I wish I could have avoided getting emotionally beat up like that but I ended up in a much better place. It was totally worth it in the long run.

- StraightToPlaid

A Stranger From Reddit

I made the mistake of moving to LA for an internship. Absolutely hated it, had no friends, mild depression, and moved back to my college town as soon as I could afford to rent a vehicle (my only ride at the time was my motorcycle). Day after I moved back a stranger from Reddit helped me unload my motorcycle out of the dodge grand caravan I rented and now that man is my husband.

We have two gorgeous golden retrievers, a baby on the way, and my life is better than I ever imagined it would be.

- 1lumenpersquaremeter

7 Years Wasted?

Realized my grad school "mentor" that you needed to have in order to graduate was completely unstable and vindictive. Realized my chances of advancing in my chosen field was impossible without said degree and fell into a depression...couldn't leave my room or bed for a month. I basically wasted 7 years of my life with debt to pay off now. My landlady was amazing and being concerned would bring food everyday.

After a long counseling session with my dad, I chose a brand new direction and through a string of luck and hard work I now have a higher paying job the previous degree would have ever gotten me and am truly happy. I've always been interested in psychology but also business. Discovered a thing called market research and found an internship as I was technically still a student.

I had set hours but as I had no idea what I was doing I volunteered to stay extra hours so I can learn skills from current employees without pay. Work ethic + skills = job offer. Continued learning new things on YouTube, webinars, and other resources. Changed to other companies and made my way upward. To be clear it's not my own company. I work in social media strategy for a major movie and TV company.

The thing I learned when talking with my dad was that higher education doesn't necessarily only teach you your major. It teaches you a new way of approaching problems and expands the way you think. I applied that to my new chosen career. Be curious, learn random related stuff, try harder than the others and do more than required.


Happy Thanksgiving


My wife of 12 years told me she was engaged to someone else and wanted a divorce - a week before Thanksgiving!

My older brother, whom I had never really gotten along with, found out I was living in my S-10 truck came from 3 states away, put me up in a hotel , and helped me find an apartment. I reconnected with him and his family due to that major low point.

February the divorce was finalized.

March I met my new wife and married her in October. We have been married for 14 years now and I am over the moon in love with her. Never would have met her if the ex hadn't been so selfish. My brother and I text at least 2 times a week and talk every other week. He said that hearing about my problems made him decide to be a big brother. Seeing what I went through made his marriage better, and my little sister said it has changed her marriage for the better as well.

- burpchelischili

Don't Need To

I was thrown out of my house on my 18th birthday with just the clothes on my back and a few bucks in my pocket. I decided I was not going to put myself in a position to have to rely on anyone ever again.

I worked my a** off. I put myself through college. I saved my money. I bought a business. I used the profits to buy a second business.

I still work, but I don't need to.

- Jdoe74


Quitting a job after only two weeks because I was so anxious about going in every day that I couldn't sleep.

This caused me to reach out to a counselor for help. Got diagnosed initially with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but after a year of therapy was told by therapist that it seemed likely that the source of my anxiety and problems in life seemed to stem from undiagnosed ADHD. Got an appointment with a psychiatrist and ended being diagnosed as "a classic case of ADHD".

Quite possibly might have gone my entire life undiagnosed if it hasn't been for how bad that job went for me.

- DJBlok

Death Was The First Step Towards A Better Life


My grandma dying at age 16.

It sucked that she passed but it was the first step towards a better life.

I would have worked in a going-nowhere position at a gas station until my dying breath taking care of her because I loved my grandma she gave me a safe home. When she died I had no friends and after her death I saw what my family was greedy and selfish.

I had to go live with my mom, which was worse but I now lived in a town and had ways to build myself away from my family and towards a future.

My life isn't perfect but at least I'm not dealing with them or physical isolation and there is some potential.

- Phenoix512

Credit Cards And Birth Control

I was an insurance agent, and I helped a customer make a change to her policy that required her to make a payment. She gave me her credit card details and I ran them through our payment system, as I'd done thousands of times before. Then I went on with my life.

The customer later found unauthorized charges on her card, and since cases of big companies losing customer data were all over the news, she contacted our company, somehow ended up speaking to my boss's boss, and told him her concerns.

Since my boss's boss knew that our company had not had a data breach (or at least, he was not aware of one) he decided that I had likely stolen her credit card details. The next day I arrived for work and was swiftly pulled aside and told that I could not be in the building because I was under investigation for credit card fraud. My boss apologized and told me that he knew I hadn't done it, but that I had to go home and I couldn't come back until they'd concluded their investigation.

It took them two weeks to clear me, most of which I spent either gripped with terror, drunk, or both. I knew that I hadn't stolen her credit card details, but I also knew that, if they decided that I had, I would definitely lose my license to practice insurance and would very possibly go to prison. I was an insurance agent not because I particularly enjoyed practicing insurance, but because a college degree was not a prerequisite for it. I did not have a college degree and therefore did not have a backup career.

During those two weeks, which I spent as a neurotic drunken chihuahua who started crying every time the doorbell rang, I didn't remember to take all my birth control pills. However, I did have sex with my husband. Shortly after being allowed back at work, I discovered that I was pregnant. Suddenly, insurance was not just my shitty day job for right now, but what I was going to have to do for at least the next 18 years. It was horrifying. Sufficiently horrifying to have me enrolling in trade school at three months pregnant. Now I have an awesome preschooler and a job which doesn't drain my soul.

- 5rabbitsinalongcoat

Dear Ol' Dad

My biological dad was a liar and bragger. He lived a couple thousand miles away and wasn't really in my life, but visited enough to mess with me. He constantly lied about supporting me while my mom struggled and eventually I had to support myself if I wanted to be more normal with what I did and had. Eventually he remarried and started being around less and less (which is saying something for someone whom I saw 2 or 3 times a year) and even stopping telling me when he was in my home state (30 mins from me) to see my step mom's family. I just became a back burner and maybe saw him once a year for a few years.

After a few years of forgetting birthdays and holidays he managed to call on my 21st birthday and he said something that left me unhinged and I laid into him on the phone. It's been 6 years since we've spoke almost and I've never felt better in my life.

Being lied to my whole life about everything has given me an insane skill set with detecting BS and I'm pretty grateful for that. I also learned a serious work ethic so that I didn't have to burden my mom for anything financially. I'm a stronger person for it and pretty happy and thankful for the whole situation.

Of course I may be a bit dramatic because it's nowhere near as bad as other people's stories with bad parents . Honestly I never tell people anything about it because I was so fortunate to have my mom and her parents that it just doesn't seem right to complain about one bad character.

- Debtincarnate

Getting Laid Off Paid Off


I got laid off from a 9-5 min wage job at a hardware store. I was a single mom with 2 kids. I seriously thought we might die. I had no idea what to do. I started looking at ways to make money and have my kids with me so I could cut the daycare bill out of my life. I got my school bus license and started cleaning businesses and houses (I had permission to bring my extremely well behaved kids ). I found various other things to do and was making $3000-$4000 a month. Plus I had the freedom to take days off to do stuff with my kids/travel when ever I wanted.

This was 9 years ago and I never worked 9-5 again. Now I'm in a position where I only drive a school bus. Working 5 hours a day and only 180 days a year is a dream come true.

- Manypuppies