The World's Most Expensive SUV Costs More Than A Few Houses Combined

(Auto TV/YouTube)

The king of all SUVs has arrived, but you'll have to have a royal amount of cash to burn to dominate the road in this automotive marvel.

The Karlmann King is essentially a Ford F550 commercial cab chassis designed in China by a team consisting of over 1,800 people and hand-assembled. It's also touted as the most expensive SUV in the world.

According to the press release, the SUV has a hefty price tag of $3.8 million.

The King made its debut at the Dubai International Motor Show in November and wowed spectators with its visual pomposity, sporting a polygonal exterior and matte finish.

It's powered by a spruced up version of the F550's 6.8-liter V10 engine with a 398 horsepower boost to haul its 10,000-pound weight.

Since the SUV is meant for flaunting its hulking yet awkward shape, it's not meant for burning rubber at top speeds – which clocks in at a measly 87 mph. It would function better as a status-maker by parading around and turning heads.

But underneath the intimidating, post-apocalyptic shell is a posh interior that elevates the man-cave concept on overdrive.

The spaceship interior.(Auto TV/YouTube)

Chances are, if you could afford the King, you wouldn't be behind the wheel. You're likely to luxuriate in the passengers' quarters, complete with a 40-inch TV screen, Internet, integrated laptops, Play Station, refrigerator, a bar, neon rope-lighting, electronic arm rests, and a coffee machine. A personal barista, unfortunately, is not included.

If you want to nab the King, the time to act is now. Maybe. Only 12 of these will be made. Any takers?

Despite the ostentatious unveiling, some were not impressed.

But if this is your aesthetic, there's this.

It has niche appeal.

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