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Woman Caught On Video At Gas Station Filling Plastic Bag With Gas, And People Have So Many Questions


There is nothing quite like watching others have no idea how chemistry works to start off your day.

An unidentified woman was caught on video at a Kroger gas station in an unidentified location pouring gasoline from the nozzle into a plastic bag.

She then attempted to tie up the plastic bag, double bag it and then put it in her trunk.

All while it is pouring rain outside.

This won't quite work out the way the woman seems to be hoping it will.

Gasoline easily melts through certain types of plastic because the chemical structure of gasoline and of simple plastics are very similar. If she has any more than a few minutes' drive home, the gasoline will dissolve the plastic bag(s) and make a huge mess of her trunk.

Though people were impressed by the effort.

While she may not have suffered the consequences of literally bagging gasoline on camera.

She would inevitably suffer them, because unfortunately chemistry is a rather exact science.

People are also marveling that there is a person like this in the world, who walks and talks and drives without major failure.

No word yet on where this was or the fate of the woman.

Luckily the rainy conditions should keep the gasoline from igniting and the highly flammable and explosive gas fumes from building up inside her car.

Seriously, folks.

Do NOT try this at home.

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