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Deranged Woman Goes On Racist Road Rage Rant After Couple Uses Crosswalk At Shopping Mall

TikToker Jonathan Gonzalez shared video of the incident showing the enraged woman telling him and his girlfriend to 'go back to Mexico.'

Screenshots of the angry woman in parking lot

A mentally-disturbed woman was caught on video having a road rage meltdown at a shopping center parking lot.

The woman—who is White—yelled at Jonathan Gonzalez and his girlfriend and told them to leave the country and "go back to Mexico."

Gonzalez filmed the woman and posted the clip on TikTok where it went viral with over 2 million views.

Gonzalez said he encountered the woman last weekend at the Coronado Center in northeast Albuquerque during New Mexico's tax-free weekend.

He told KOAT that the woman prevented them from walking across the crosswalk by driving her car in front of them.

She then followed them into the parking lot and confronted them by hurling derogatory, racist insults.

Gonzalez recalled:

"Truly, I was scared for my girlfriend because she was walking alongside where the woman was driving."
"The woman wouldn't stop yelling and honking. She didn't put her window down, but when we turned around, she got out of the car."

He continued:

"I did not understand, because my English is not good."
"That's when my girlfriend told me what she was saying. She speaks English. She's a U.S. Citizen."
"The woman was telling us to back to our country. She said more things, and that's when I started recording because my girlfriend was scared."

You can watch a news report here.

Woman hurls racial slurs in viral TikTok road rage

The clip showed a Volkswagen with the driver's side door left open stopped in front of a Barnes & Noble bookstore, blocking other cars.

The woman, who was wearing sunglasses and a white top with jeans, was heard screaming into the camera:

“Get your a** out of my f**king country!”
“I put my life on the line for this country, not your f**king sh*thole! Go back to Mexico, you sh*thole!”
She then claimed to a “liberal” bystander that Gonzalez pushed her car.
You can see Gonzalez's TikTok video here.

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Gonzalez posted a second clip showing the crosswalk where the woman allegedly refused to yield to them.
It was marked with a signpost instructing drivers to "Stop for pedestrian in crosswalk."
Here is the second clip posted by Gonzalez.

#inmigrantes #discrimination #albuquerquenewmexico #americalibre #nomasdiscriminacion #endracisim #immigration #mexico #usa #noalracismo #coronadomall

The videos blew up on social media where many viewers left supportive comments for Gonzalez and his girlfriend.

Many users pointed out the irony of a woman who is anti-Mexico and living in New Mexico.









A separate video showing the incident from another perspective was posted by Johan Breur and uploaded by his fiancée’s aunt, TikToker @smmontoya11.

The caption read in part:

"Karen in Albuquerque, New Mexico 🙄 mad all because people crossing in front of her in the mall parking lot."

Karen in Albuquerque, New Mexico 🙄 mad all because people crossing in front of her in the mall parking lot. Another view of incident video taken by my niece #albuquerque #newmexico #karen #raciest #fyp

The clip showed the woman yelling at another bystander as cars are honking at her:

“Who the f**k are you?! You want a part of this?!...Mind your own f**king business!”

Another driver was heard yelling at the woman:

“Bye, Karen! Bye, Karen!”

Breur told The Daily Beast that he was waiting outside for his fiancée, who was shopping inside the mall, when he witnessed the woman lashing out at the couple.

Said Breur:

“It was crazy she would move to New Mexico if she had issues with Mexicans."
"Then I got confused because she started yelling at the ‘liberal guy’ and bringing up that he was White."
“Eventually she drove off aggressively giving everyone the finger.”





In the aftermath of the incident, Gonzalez said:

"When someone comes and tells me stuff like that, it's traumatic. People are devastated because we're in 2023."
"Something like this is not fair, even days prior to this."
"To be treated this way is not fair, because anyone that would go to my home country in Mexico, they would be treated really good."
"We would accommodate them; we would feed them. Mexico is not bad."

He added:

"Thank God I am educated; I went to the University of Guadalajara."
"Right now, sadly, life changes and I am here now, but I am not a person that does not have a conscious of what I say or do."
"I have a stable job and a girlfriend."

The woman's identity has not been confirmed, but some social media users claimed to be familiar with who she was, adding that she has a history of unruly behavior toward others at different establishments and businesses.

According to the 2022 U.S. Census, 50.2% of New Mexico's population is comprised of Hispanics and Latinos.