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Woman Freaks Out And Calls Cops On Dog Trainer For Failing To Answer Her Texts After 20 Minutes


Those of us who work for ourselves in some way, whether it's a small business or side hustle, have all had that client.

We all know the one: the client who tries to take advantage of the work we do and even tries to diminish our worth as a person.

Dog trainer Lindsay Johnson-Arro recently had an especially terrible run-in with a client like this when the client refused to respect boundaries, allegedly called the police, and potentially threatened her own dog.

Johnson-Arro works full-time with her clients' dogs, both boarding them and training them. When she receives calls or texts from her clients, she makes a point of replying, but not necessarily as quickly as a client might like.

One of her clients, who Johnson-Arro nicknamed "Karen," texted her and didn't receive a response for about 15 minutes. When the dog trainer replied, she was ridiculed for the time the client had to wait.

When Johnson-Arro explained how busy she was and assured she would always reply, the client apologized, and that should have been the end of it.

Instead, when the client texted her again, Johnson-Arro wasn't able to reply for an upwards of 20 minutes, for which the client stated she had called the police.

In response to this, Johnson-Arro told the client that she would no longer be working with her or training her dog.

The client appeared at Johnson-Arro's facilities, at which point she began recording their conversation.

In the video, the client became manipulatively apologetic in an attempt to convince Johnson-Arro to continue training and boarding her dog.

But Johnson-Arro was firm and stated she could board the dog without training him, or the client could simply take him from the facilities.

The client became angry and demanded that Johnson-Arro return her dog, but not before stating she was being manipulative and calling her a series of expletives.

You can watch the video here (warning: language):


When a client calls the cops on you for not answering her texts within 20 minutes :) wait for the end #karen #fypシ #karensgoingwild

At the end of the video, the woman realized she was being recorded and changed her demeanor. But that didn't stop her from having a choke hold on her dog as she held the leash too tightly, reflecting her anger.

TikTokers were unnerved by the woman's range of emotions.






They were also concerned for the dog's safety.






True to the nature of TikTok, some asked if Johnson-Arro had recorded more footage. There was one segment from a second video in which the woman pleaded for more than 10 minutes for Johnson-Arro to continue boarding and training her dog.

She also stated:

"If you won't train him, no one is going to love him."

In a third video, the woman demanded that Johnson-Arro carry her dog food for her, and she also tried to tell her taxi driver about what a terrible experience she had, while Johnson-Arro was still filming.

Fortunately for Johnson-Arro, she likely has all of the video evidence and social media clout she needs to dismiss anything this disgruntled client might have to say.