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Woman Horrified After Opening Used DVD Of 'The Ring' To Find A 'Totally Not Haunted' Photo Inside

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The 2002 film The Ring doesn't need any help being creepy.

But an anonymous previous owner of an old DVD copy of it sure decided to give it a helping hand anyway.

Riley Cassidy got quite a strange surprise when she opened her used copy of The Ring to find a "totally not haunted," as she described, photograph inside the case.

You can see her thrift store find here:

Some people had the nice idea to make everything significantly more creepy.

Others simply told the girl to run, as such a photo inside the case is clearly an omen of doom.

The Ring, based on a 1998 film from Japan also called Ring (or Ringu), is about a cursed videotape that causes the death of all who watch it in one week.

The American remake started a movement of American remakes of Japanese horror films that would largely rule the horror market in the mid-late 2000s, and includes other films such as The Grudge, Pulse, and The Eye.

Hopefully the photo doesn't lead to a new, real life horror movie for Ms. Cassidy.