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P!nk Left In Shock After Pregnant Fan Goes Into Labor In The Middle Of Her Show: 'Good Luck!'

The singer had just started performing a ballad during her tour stop in Sydney when she noticed fans waving for help—then realized a fan was having a baby.

TikTok screenshots of P!nk

You never know what will happen at a P!nk conert.

From being gifted a giant wheel of cheese to the ashes of someone's mother (Raise Your Glass...and pour one out), her shows are full of surprises.

But what transpired at her recent stop in Sydney may just take the cake.

The singer had just jumped into a ballad accompanied by piano when she noticed fans waving for help.

She stopped and addressed the crowd:

"Are you guys waving for help?"
"Yes? I think they need help over here y’all."

The singer then called for medics as she tried to figure out exactly what was happening.

"They need a medic they said."
"What happened? What did I do?"

After trying to decipher roars from the audience, she asked:

"A baby? What about the baby? What’s wrong with the baby?"

And then she realized someone was going into labor.

Her expression said it all, but in true P!nk fashion, she couldn't help but crack a few jokes before quipping:

"I feel like we shouldn’t be looking."

As the fan was being helped out by medics, P!nk congratulated her, bewilderingly adding:

"Good luck! It's gonna be great! You're gonna do great!"

P!nk attempted to jump back in her performance where she left off, but she was clearly still shocked over the whole situation.

You can watch below.


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The singer herself took to Instagram to sum up the evening's events, captioning a post full of photos from Sydney:

"Sydney!!!!!! That was a wet one!!!!! Come rain or shine- we are out here."
"We helped bring a baby into the world, we found a new favorite candy bar- Jamo made his debut, and I outlasted my entire family. Also flashed the crowd on the way back to dressing room. By accident. I think."
"I’m so happy to be here!!!!!!"

People on social media seemed just as shocked as the singer over the whole situation.

Several, however, wondered why the woman was in the middle of all the action in the first place.

What a night! We can't imagine what could possibly top this, but we've learned anything can happen at a P!nk concert!