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Woman Speaks Out After 'Creepy Guy' At Gym Gives Her A Framed Photo Of Herself As A 'Gift'

Woman Speaks Out After 'Creepy Guy' At Gym Gives Her A Framed Photo Of Herself As A 'Gift'

"Is there any way I can return this gift or exchange for one of equal or lesser value?"

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be difficult. There's a lot to consider—the person's likes, dislikes, how well you know the person, and so on.

But it seems fair to assume that giving someone an unsolicited gift would make many people question the phrase "it's the thought that counts."


Why did he frame it #justgirlythings

In a recent TikTok that's going viral, TikToker @liftymcthicc, also known in the real world by her name Mackenzie, revealed to viewers that an individual at her gym thought it would be endearing to give her framed photos of herself as a present.

While many pictures are worth a thousand words this one was just worth one—"No."





The five-second TikTok now has close to three million views, 343,000 likes, and 2,900 comments.

Many of the comments urge Mackenzie to notify the authorities of the unseemly, unwanted behavior of her fellow gym patron.




Text overlaid in the TikTok reads "When the creepy guy at the gym says he has a gift for you."

In the video, viewers can see Mackenzie holding up several photos that feature her whole face or a close up of her eyes.

Viewers can also hear Mackenzie asking "How many people were scared?" followed by her admitting that she was "really really scared." The caption of the TikTok reads, "Why did he frame it?"

In an Instagram post regarding the incident, Mackenzie wrote: "Turns out I’m the second girl this has happened to. LOL
I almost didn’t tell anyone at my gym cause as soon as this happened I wanted to cry and leave 👍🏼😀 but I’m glad I spoke up, we can’t let things like this be seen as normal or okay."

Needing to know how the story unfolded, TikTokers urged Mackenzie to post a follow-up video.


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In the follow-up video, Mackenzie reveals that getting the gym to cancel the man's membership was not as easy as expected, claiming that when she notified her gym of the harassment, they informed her that they were not able to “cancel his membership,” but that they did place a “warning on his account.”

Mackenzie goes on to add that the man's son apparently called and asked the gym to cancel the father's membership, citing that the father had the photo of Mackenzie on his bedside table.

“His membership was not canceled until this man’s own son called the gym and said 'You need to cancel my dad’s membership,'” she said.


Well, it now seems as though this man will be missing leg day for quite a while.