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Woman Charged With Felony For Not Returning Rented 'Sabrina' VHS For Over 20 Years

Woman Charged With Felony For Not Returning Rented 'Sabrina' VHS For Over 20 Years
Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Caron McBride was hit with a nasty surprise after attempting to get her name changed on her Texas drivers' license after she got married.

McBride was told she had an "issue" in the state of Oklahoma and was given a number to call. She learned she had a record of a felony charge for failing to return a VHS tape to a local video 1999.

The tape was of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The charges were filed in 2000 and the video store closed in 2009.

But that didn't make the charges on her record go away.

As the tape in question was rented over 20 years ago, McBride said she had no recollection of borrowing it in the first place.

In fact, McBride thinks it was likely borrowed under her account by a man she was living with at the time for his two young daughters.

"I mean, I didn't try to deceive anyone over Samantha the Teenage Witch. I swear," she said demonstrating she likely was not the person watching the video, since the Teenage Witch's name is Sabrina—not Samantha.

This particular problem may have also caused issues in employment for McBride, who has been spontaneously let go from several jobs and denied interviews for others.

If a felony charge for theft by embezzlement was showing up on her record, it would present a problem for employers.

"Movie Place," the name of the store the rental was from, reported the tape as stolen in 2000.

McBride was formally charged at that time with "felony embezzlement of rented property."

The Cleveland County Oklahoma District Attorney decided not to press charges and dropped the case against McBride. But she still needs to sue the state of Oklahoma to have it expunged from her record.

Nobody deserves to go to have their life ruined over "Samantha" The Teenage Witch.