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TikToker Horrified After Discovering Hidden Camera Disguised As A Coat Hook In Office Bathroom

TikToker Horrified After Discovering Hidden Camera Disguised As A Coat Hook In Office Bathroom

A woman in Beaumont, Texas was horrified to discover hidden cameras throughout her workplace.

Vanessa Lee documented the horrific ordeal in a series of videos on her TikTok page, where she goes by the handle @texicana208.

In the first video, Lee revealed how she found a hidden camera under her desk.


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Lee explained the unpleasant discovery she made in a text overlay.

"I found a camera hidden under my desk at work."
"I had pulled on it to see what it was, so I have no idea what direction it was pointing when it was set up."

In the second video, Lee said she had an early inclination as to who may have put the camera under her desk.


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The ten second video featured a screenshot of a UPS package, and with Lee sharing that she discovered the camera was indeed delivered to a colleague in her office, but still didn't quite have enough proof that he was the one who placed it under her desk.

"So this is still an open investigation with local PD."
"It was delivered to one of the men in the maintenance department."
"I had already suspected him as the camera I found in my office looked a lot like one he was setting up in his office because 'someone was stealing his snacks', but I needed more proof."

As the third video revealed, however, the bottom of Lee's desk was not the only location with unlawful surveillance in her office.


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Lee first explained in an overlay, that she first looked at the manufacturer website for the camera she found under her desk, and then began to search her office, where she made a shocking discovery.

"I went looking around the rest of the office after I looked up the website looking for anything that looked like gadgets they sold and found this in the bathroom."

The camera then cut to what looked like a coat hook on the bathroom door.

But after a man removed it from the door, a USB plug could be found on the back, confirming that the coat hook was, in fact, a camera.

Lee's shocked, breathy reactions to this discovery could be heard as she held the small camera.

Lee had also mentioned inn the overlay that only a select few employees had access to the bathroom where she found the camera.

Lee confirmed her discovery in the next video, where she found a listing for a "coat hook hidden camera" on

Lee could be heard audibly crying upon discovering that her privacy had been invaded for an unknown amount of time.

Unwilling to let this continue any further, Lee and her husband took action to catch the culprit.

Lee explained in the fifth video's overlay how she and her husband set up a trap in her office in an effort to catch the office voyeur.


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"I left the original camera under my desk and barely unplugged it so that hopefully whoever it belonged to would come back in and see why it wasn't working."
"My husband and I set up a baby cam, then came home and waited."

Lee's husband was then seen setting up the baby monitor in her office, showing footage of Lee at her desk on his phone to confirm the camera was working.

Their efforts proved to be successful, as Lee showed in the next video how they caught the perpetrator red handed.


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Lee wrote in the video's overlay that the trap she and her husband set up in order to catch the man who planted the camera worked just as they hoped it would.

"6 am, got a notification from the camera we set up in my office."
"It sensed motion."
"He did indeed come to see why it wasn't working."

A man could be seen searching around and below Lee's desk, his face covered by a clown emoji.

Lee also pointed out how the unidentified man later plugged an additional item into her office wall outlet.

As shown in the following video, he had plugged yet another camera into her wall outlet.


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The wall outlet camera apparently had a motion sensor, for as Lee revealed in the overlay, the unsuspecting man promptly greeted her when she arrived at work.

"It notified him as soon as I walked in my office."
"He scared the hell out of me, just popped up at my door."
"We hadn't called the cops yet, he had no idea we knew."

But his number was up, as Lee later revealed in the video that the cops were soon to arrive, and when they did, they found the box belonging to the camera on the man's desk.

This time, the camera was designed to look like a USB charger.

Lee breathed a sigh of relief in the following video, showing the police report for a criminal trespass warning, and revealing in the overlay that she had left the company and taken a new job.


#justiceawaits #movingon #Hiddencameraviolaton #tocatchapredator #cathingaperv

"It is done for now."
"In the hands of the law now."
"And I start a new job on Monday."

However, while the police confiscated the unidentified man's phone in addition to the trespass warning, he was not arrested.

Viewers of the video were in disbelief by what they saw, with many sending out their condolences to Lee for what she had to go through, and others applauding her for her excellent detective work








Lee later told The Daily Dot that she had found these cameras in her office in June of 2021.

One of the reasons she decided to share the saga on TikTok was her dissatisfaction with how the police handled the matter.

"I have had no progress from the police."
"I haven’t had updates, so I went to TikTok with it."

Considering that these videos have received between 90 thousand and one million views, one expects Lee's traumatic experience will likely gain wider attention.

Hopefully leading to the justice she deserves for what she went through.