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The Woman Who Was Dipping Her Chicken Fingers In Soda Explains Her Strange Eating Habit


She dipped her chicken finger in a glass of soda and now she's explaining herself. Is it enough to satisfy the masses?

Her name is Alexa Greenfield and she has set off the largest food controversy in recent history, at least since the invention of Miracle Whip. It all started at the U.S. Open when Greenfield was caught red handed on video dipping her chicken finger in a glass of cola.

We all felt that way too but now it seems Greenfield is ready to explain herself. She appeared over the phone on Fox News to justify her actions to America.

Greenfield explained to the hosts saying:

My dad started me with [dipping chicken fingers in soda] I think to 'cool' it down, but I just loved the taste and kept going. Once I got older I gave it up for a while assuming it would be way too weird to bring it into adulthood. But one day I said 'eff it,' and re-started.

But some folks were caving and cutting Greenfield some slack for her blasphemous habit.

Ahh, that's sweet, but no. She needs to go to jail.

All kidding aside, Greenfield has been a good sport about all the flack she got, telling FOX:

The funny part is that this story starts with me telling my nephews, 'Listen, I am about to do something really weird. It is a huge secret and you can't tell anybody. Don't tell your parents and don't tell any adults because it's pretty embarrassing.'

We should all let her eat her chicken and soda in peace.

Starting now.

H/T: FOX News, Sports Illustrated