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North Carolina Woman 'Terrified' After Contracting Virus Despite Not Leaving Her Home For Three Weeks

North Carolina Woman 'Terrified' After Contracting Virus Despite Not Leaving Her Home For Three Weeks

Rachel Brummert hasn't left her home since mid-March and has limited her exposure as much as possible, but it would seem that even that level of caution wasn't enough.

Brummert, who was extra cautious because she lives with an autoimmune condition, recently became ill and tested positive for the virus.

Brummert told WCNC that she is the sickest she has ever been.

"I'm absolutely terrified. This is the sickest I've ever been and it's the most scared I've ever been. From what I'm hearing about ventilators, it's scary stuff. I'm really hoping I can wait this out at home."

She has been self-isolating at home for more than 3 weeks, even going so far as to temporarily stay in a separate room from her husband to avoid possible infection.

She took one trip to the pharmacy 3 weeks ago, but has remained inside her home since.

"I really thought I was doing everything right."

Brummert had indirect contact with someone during those 3 weeks, a woman who dropped off some groceries for her.

That woman has since tested positive for the virus, but had no direct contact with Brummert.

"I barely had any contact. I didn't even touch her."

You can view WCNC's heart-wrenching interview with Brummert below.

Charlotte woman hasn't left her house in three weeks but tested positive for

Brummert said she has been getting the mail every few days, but always wears gloves.

She said she did forget to wear gloves when bringing in packages from her porch, however.

Many Twitter users urged extra caution, especially after learning of Brummert's infection.

A few others chose to use their self-isolation time to show their ignorance by harassing Brummert, who has since made her Twitter profile private.

Despite beginning to experience symptoms like fever, coughing, loss of sense of smell, and breathing difficulties, it still took several days for Brummert to meet testing criteria.

She said that this illness is the worst she's ever had.

"I've never had anything like this before. I've had the flu. This is not the flu. It's a whole nother monster."

You can view safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HERE.