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Furious 'Karen' Threatens To Call Cops On Driver For Being 'Too Close' To Her Car In Bonkers Rant

Furious 'Karen' Threatens To Call Cops On Driver For Being 'Too Close' To Her Car In Bonkers Rant

Another "Karen" was exposed having a conniption fit, and this time it happened across the pond over in the UK.

Owen Smith filmed a TikTok video of the woman who was driving next to him and going ballistic because she felt like her personal space was being invaded.

She is seen in the video leaning out through her open window, pointing her finger, and yelling at Smith to keep his distance because she was afraid he was going to give her "the virus"—even though they were both in their respective vehicles.

The irate woman—who was referred to as a "Karen" online—was not wearing a mask.

According to the Daily Dot the first in a series of videos of the road rage incident was viewed over 4 million times.

For the video's caption, Smith wrote:

"So I pulled up behind this woman at traffic lights and she kept waving hand signals at me, she pulled over and I went up next to her and she kept talking sh*t about how I was too close to her at the trafic lights and it might give her [the virus]."

When the woman threatened to call the police, Smith asked why she would do that.

She responded:

"You're supposed to keep two meters [six feet] apart because the virus is going on at the moment."

When he reminded her that he was in a car, she countered:

"It doesn't matter. You haven't got my problem. So go now, before I get my phone and call the police."

TikTok users noted the irony of this Karen subjecting herself to vulnerability while yelling at Smith to keep his distance.

Coincidentally, Smith had another run-in with the woman, weeks after the original confrontation.

"Can't believe I saw her again," he wrote in another video.

Smith filmed the next confrontation with the same woman, and this time her window was closed.

While she was inaudibly yelling and pointing at Smith as she had done before, he told her:

"It's you every single time. You're crazy, every single time. You're weird."
"I'm going, but you need to stop with the road rage."

Smith said that prior to filming this encounter, they almost got into a collision as she sped through a school zone and was swerving in and out of lanes so that she could give him the middle finger.

"I was in the right lane to take the first exit, she was in the outside lane to take the second exit. I started driving to take the exit as you would, and she speeds passed me, starts beeping at me and then she slams her brakes."
"I pull up next to her, and I start recording her, and she acts like she's scared."

Smith said that he received no confirmation about whether or not the woman reported him to the police as she had threatened before.