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Woman Hailed As The 'Anti-Karen' After Her Epic Rant About Georgia's Disastrous Election Goes Viral

Woman Hailed As The 'Anti-Karen' After Her Epic Rant About Georgia's Disastrous Election Goes Viral

A middle-aged White woman in Georgia is going viral for her epic, screaming rant. But this time, it's for all the right reasons.

The internet is calling the woman the "Anti-Karen" because for once, an older White woman is screaming mad about something she has every right to be irate about: voter suppression in Georgia's already infamous primary election earlier this week.

Georgia's primary election this week was, by all accounts, an unmitigated disaster. Hours-long waits, broken machines, and a lack of ballots plagued polling places all over the state, especially in minority-heavy counties.

Which explains why our "Anti-Karen" was so incensed.

In the video, pounding on her car for emphasis, the woman cries out in fury about the situation at her polling place.

"I'm terrified!... This is WRONG. This is America! Please God, help us! I mean it, this is a crisis in our world to make us not exercise our right to vote!"

A bystander asks her whether "anybody called the news" and the woman, who identifies herself as having worked in President Obama's White House, responds:

"I've tweeted all the major networks. So everybody tweet the networks! Everybody, please. The radio stations--everybody tweet everybody. Please everybody, we cannot tolerate this!"

She ends her rant with encouragement and a call to arms.

"I love you. I love civil disobedience. Let's work together."

Georgia has been plagued with similar voter suppression problems for years, including the 2018 election that saw Governor Brian Kemp beating out Stacey Abrams. This week's election was so problematic, one civil rights group called it "a catastrophe."

The "Anti-Karen" rant also appeared on Reddit's PublicFreakout subReddit, where it quickly inspired many similiarly impassioned responses.

"It makes the argument, 'if you don't like your politicians, vote them out' a little harder to make." --petitveritas
"'If you don't like your politicians... well too bad.'" --Immortal_Azrael
"This moment of civil unrest is the perfect time to peacefully occupy wealthy neighborhoods and politician's front yards. Marching down main street isn't reaching them." --rextex34
"why do you think people are rioting across this country? because issues here don't get solved despite people screaming out about them for decades and decades. even when it means people dying. plus, the GOP makes sure that voter suppression exists both with propaganda and their power in politics" --stackered
"We need everyone to be this passionate about voting" --Heyitsmeegan

Likewise, on Twitter, folks were emphatically pro-"Anti-Karen"—and outraged by the voter suppression she called out.

Here's hoping someone or something compels Georgia to get its act together by November. It's expected to be a swing state in the general election.