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Will Smith Has Perfectly Understandable Reaction After Finding Massive Tarantula In His House

Will Smith Has Perfectly Understandable Reaction After Finding Massive Tarantula In His House

Will Smith is back, baby. This is, if by "back" you mean "being attacked by a gigantic tarantula in his own home."

Smith is finally going viral for something other than you-know-what after having a totally relatable meltdown to finding--and we cannot stress this enough--a literal tarantula in his house.

At least, that's what it looks like. The technical name is probably more accurately what Smith called it: "a big-a** spider."

Smith filmed the altercation for Instagram, seen below, and consider this your warning if you are afraid of spiders because Smith's post is basically a horror movie.

In the video, Smith is seen with his son Trey confronting the giant arachnid, which is pure nightmare fuel.

And lest you think all those actions movies are preparation for confronting a spider that probably feasts on children by the light of each blood moon or something, you are wrong.

He may have fought zombies, aliens and murderous robots on the big screen, but when it came to a spider big enough to have its own bedroom, Smith wasn't having any of it.

Climbing up on a piece of furniture, Smith told son Trey to take care of it:

“I’m going on the chair. All right, Trey, you gotta get that out of here. You’re young and strong. You can handle the bite.”

If it was indeed a tarantula, the Smiths most likely had nothing to worry about--they are venomous, but typically only release venom when biting prey, not when protecting themselves against something like a human.

In any case, Trey was able to get the giant spider under a glass, and it was presumably removed outdoors. In the comments of the video, Smith quipped:

“Posting this from a Holiday Inn"

Yep, totally reasonable course of action. You just never know!

Smith's friends and fans on Instagram found the whole thing instantly relatable.











Just in case the creepy-crawly ever sneaks back into his house, Smith has a plan. He said in the video:

"We're selling the house."

Selling the house? Just burn it to the ground, it'll be a lot safer!