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Whiskey Brand's Christmas Ad Featuring Grandpa Learning To Put On Makeup Has Emotional Twist

J&B is being praised for their inclusive holiday ad that speaks volumes without saying a word.

person wearing makeup looking in a mirror

J&B, a whiskey company, recently moved viewers to tears with its holiday commercial centered on accepting transgender people.

The Spanish commercial features an older individual using their wife's lipstick at first before furtively assembling their own makeup kit and hiding in a bathroom to apply their entire face. Although already heartwarming, the Christmas commercial gets sweeter as it goes along as we witness the person become more accepting of themselves.

Their transgender granddaughter, who is originally introduced as Alvaro but whom they quickly recognize as a kindred soul, shows up toward the end of the dialog-free advertisement and they share their makeup with her.

Alvaro's real name, Ana, comes on the screen as they both make their way back outside to the rest of the family, and what transpires is a lovely moment of acceptance.

She, un cuento de J&

People got a bit choked up, to say the least.

One person commented about her own family's story.

Many others added in they appreciate the message of the commercial, even if it is ultimately a commercial about whiskey.

Christmas commercials can often be a time for artistic creativity and love, so perhaps there will be more like this going forward.