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BBC Weatherman Completely Blows It During Intro To Rick Astley Interview—With Rick Listening In


BBC Meteorologist Matt Taylor had a fairly awkward moment during a recent broadcast when one of his anchors asked him if he was a Rick Astley fan.

Apparently expecting some sort of trap, Taylor replied:

"Err, not a massive one."

It was only then he was informed Astley was on the line and waiting to be interviewed on the air. The anchor told him:

"That was the wrong thing to say. He's listening and he's coming up in just a moment."

The clip quickly went viral thanks to Taylor's hilarious facial reaction to the news, as well as Astley's good-natured response.

It's good to know Astley is still lightening the mood after years of "Rick-Rolling" people with his hit song "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Of course, the video's major draw was the live broadcast of Taylor dying inside.

On the air, the BBC anchor gave Taylor a second chance to answer whether he was an Astley fan, and this time Taylor got it right!

"Love Rick Astley. Best! Grew up with him!"

Many people's mornings were significantly brightened by the awkward but wholesome exchange.

Taylor should have remembered the first lesson of the internet: Rick Astley could appear at any moment. One must always be prepared!