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Watch As Service Dog Comes To Owner's Rescue During An Airport Panic Attack

Pawsitive Development/YouTube

Dogs really play such an integral role in society--particularly service dogs. And nothing warmed our heart more than seeing Amber Aquart--a dog trainer and proprietor of Pawsitive Development based in Miami--and her service dog, Oakley, spring into action.

Oakley is a frequent subject of Aquart's instagram posts, and clearly a model:

But aside from knowing how to work a camera, he also doubles as Aquart's service dog. Oakley is designed to recognize the signs of an oncoming panic attack and jump into action, as shown in this video of he and Aquart waiting in the airport.

Note that as Oakley checks in on her, and sees something's wrong, he immediately goes to her, tail wagging, to comfort her. Finally, he sits himself directly between her legs and waits for her to calm down before budging another inch.

"[Oakley] has been taught to pay attention to my breathing patterns, heart rate, and hands. If he notices a change, he is supposed to push my hands away from my face and try to get my attention onto him," Aquart told BoredPanda.

And clearly Oakley was a very good boy, because that is exactly what he did.

People reacted positively to Oakley:






Oakley, when he's not modeling, enjoys making guest appearances on Animal Planet:

As well as going to Walt Disney World:

Pawsitive Development

As well as bringing up the quality of his owner's life. "My quality of life has been dramatically improved by having these dogs," Aquart said. "I think he did an excellent job [today]!"

H/T: BoredPanda, YouTube