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Vietnamese Woman Stunned After Realizing The Two Guys She Just Insulted Speak Vietnamese

Vietnamese Woman Stunned After Realizing The Two Guys She Just Insulted Speak Vietnamese

An epic video went viral on Reddit of a guy clapping back at a woman who insulted him and his friend in Vietnamese. Little did she know, they spoke the language fluently.

Posted to Reddit's r/PublicFreakout by Redditor Fullerene00, two streamers living in Vietnam were filming as they discussed what to order.

The woman sitting behind them with her young child was incorrectly wearing her mask on her chin and the two streamers had their masks fully on.

Out of nowhere, the woman said:

"If these two foreign guys have COVID we'll die."

The one holding the camera chuckles, turns the camera on her, and gave a sassy reply.

He said in Vietnamese:

"You wanna say that again?"
"We've been here a really long time."

She was stunned.

All she could reply with was:


The man explained, again in Vietnamese, that they have lived there for three years.

Hilariously, even though they had been speaking in the same language the entire time, the woman asked:

"You speak Vietnamese?"

He replied:

"Yeah. Are you embarrassed yet?"

One Redditor who is Vietnamese did give some feedback on the captions. They said the man's first response was "Sao thế?" which translates to "What was that?" His final comment, "ngại chưa?" actually translated to "shame on you."

The same Redditor, SalamiScavenger, also said:

"She referred to the guys as 'thằng tây' which is very disrespectful ('tây' is just informal, but 'thằng' can either be informal or disrespectful), and the way she said a ruthless thing like that to her daughter with a high pitched voice from the top of her lungs shows that she is just an ass like:"
"'Lisa, look at me I am doing a very rude thing in public because the other people here will think that I am very cool.'"
"Meanwhile she was just trash talking behind other people's backs. And yes she sounded like a racist to me."

The short video had received over 62.4 thousand likes and over 2.5 thousand comments.

Reddit user Almost_Ascended said:

"'We'll die of COVID!' Wears mask on chin."

U/anormalgeek replied:

"Who says that sh*t to their child? That is a terrible parent right there."

A few people commented about their own stories of understanding the language in a country they weren't from and how they caught someone doing what this woman did.

Redditor ens91 shared:

"Transgender and living in China, I frequently hear people openly discussing my gender in front of me, which is just pretty rude. But, the other day I sat down somewhere to have a drink, where a tour group were having some drinks."
"When I sit down they start discussing where I'm from, assume I'm American, call me a stupid foreigner, discuss why I can't speak Chinese, talk about my gender, worry about my COVID status (the borders have been closed a long time, but still, 1.5 years later, it seems many Chinese people haven't noticed and are concerned that I've just arrived in China)."
"I was just sitting there listening, not letting them know that I understand, then I got a phone call from my girlfriend, and had a conversation with her in Chinese. There were a lot of glances my way and suddenly their very loud and open conversation became whispers."

Redditor mutjo shared a story about their workplace:

"Used to work with this extremely southern Black guy. Super thick southern accent and mannerisms, but he spent a huge part of his life in Costa Rica and spoke Spanish fluently."
"He was the shift supervisor for like 25+ mostly Hispanic workers. For years they had no idea that he could understand what they were saying to each other. They could never figure out how management always seemed to know all the gossip they talked about among each other. They were frequently accusing one another of being rats."
"We all found it hilarious. I doubt they know to this day that he understand all the shit they talked about him and other supervisors/management. I doubt they'd even believe it."
"Don't ever assume someone doesn't know the language you're speaking."

The Redditor fondots actually shared a story where their secret knowledge of French came in handy and ended up scoring them a date that lead to a relationship.

The user Rilldo summed up how this must have felt for the live streamers:

"Must feel so good to be able to clap back in their language and catch them off guard like that."

We don't know what happens after this clip but we can only hope it was as satisfying for them as it was for us to watch.