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Gorillas live outside—in rainforests. They must be okay with the rain, right?

Evidently not.

In a video shared by Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, you can see proof of this as six gorillas are sheltering under an overhang in their enclosure in a downpour.

The gorillas, four adults and two babies, were quite obviously not happy with the situation.

After scoping out the path to dryness, Acacia decided to make a break for it—practically hugging the wall to stay as dry as possible.

The others followed, with dominant male Cenzoo waiting for the two mothers, Macy and Kazi, with their babies, Mo and ZaKota, to go first.

There were many scowls all around as the gorillas scrambled to get to a drier spot.

Mammal Keeper Brooke Hunsinger commented on the gorillas' haste at getting out of the rain.

"Gorillas are magnificent, majestic creatures full of grace and beauty... except when it rains."

The video has since been viewed millions of times, and has over 800 comments.

The Zoo was pretty amazed by the popularity of the video, posting:

"Our keepers spotted the family troop as they were heading inside to avoid last Friday's downpour. This video has created quite the buzz, and has been viewed by MILLIONS of people around the WORLD 😱"
"We can sure see why, their expressions are so relatable!"

You can view the video below:

Many of those comments remarked on how similar the gorillas' behavior and facial expressions are to humans'.

Nancy S Rymer/Facebook

Katie Barnhardt/Facebook

The video has definite rewatch value.

Allison Parris/Facebook

Amie Duckworth Wheatley/Facebook

Some suggested giving them umbrellas.

Jennifer Robinson Burton/Facebook

Keith Taylor/Facebook

Riverbanks Zoo Garden/Facebook

Several people noted the similarities between the gorillas' and their own behavior when caught out in the rain.

Pamela Bradley/Facebook

Betty Lorick Oxner/Facebook

As it turns out, humans and gorillas are pretty similar in their disdain for getting rained on.

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