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Video Emerges Of Olivia Wilde's Reaction To Being Served Legal Papers—And People Are Impressed

Video Emerges Of Olivia Wilde's Reaction To Being Served Legal Papers—And People Are Impressed

Video has emerged of the now infamous moment when actor and director Olivia Wilde was served custody papers while onstage at an entertainment industry conference. People are impressed with how she handled things.

The incident occurred at CinemaCon, the industry's annual meeting for movie-theater owners and executives. While Wilde was presenting her forthcoming film Don't Worry Baby, she was handed an envelope that turned out to be the papers.

By all accounts, Wilde bravely soldiered on with her presentation, but the video clip reveals just how much of a consummate professional Wilde is. Not only does she soldier on, but she barely flinches. See the clip below.

The clip also shows just how out-of-nowhere the serving of the papers wa

As Wilde presented her new film, the follow-up to her 2019 directorial debut Booksmart, she was interrupted by someone who turned out to be a process server delivering custody papers from ex-partner Jason Sudeikis, with whom Wilde has two children.

After remarking on how "mysterious" the move was and presuming it to contain an unsolicited screenplay submission, Wilde opened the envelope, glanced at its contents and said simply, "Oh, okay, got it. Thank you."

She then looked back out into the crowd, smiled, and continued on with her speech about what was among the most hotly anticipated films to be presented at the annual conference.

Wilde's cool, calm and collected response is particularly notable given how "mortifying" she is said to have found the incident, as a source close to Wilde told Page Six.

"It seemed unthinkable to her, and it took a moment to set in, but as mortifying as it was, she did not want to give a reaction."

On Twitter, many applauded Wilde for her cool, calm and collected response.

But some others felt the clip only underlined what they see as a devious move on Sudeikis' part.

For his part, Sudeikis claims to have been blind-sided by the event as well, and his team insists he had no prior knowledge that the papers would be delivered in such a manner.