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Video Conference Goes Hilariously Off The Rails After Woman Forgets Her Webcam Is Still On When She Goes To Use The Bathroom

Video Conference Goes Hilariously Off The Rails After Woman Forgets Her Webcam Is Still On When She Goes To Use The Bathroom
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Working from home is new for a lot of you.

Even under ideal circumstances it takes a bit of time to adjust to working from home if you're used to being in an office.

The middle of a virulent pandemic is not what any of us would consider "ideal circumstances."

All we're saying is that it's going to take time for people to adjust, you know?

So let's all just get real cool about some things real fast. Mistakes are going to happen. We are all going to embarrass ourselves.

We're all distracted. We're all stressed out. We're all out here forgetting rule #1 of working with technology: Treat all mics as hot and all cameras as recording.

Trump forgot. Mayor Dale Ross forgot. And Jen forgot; Jen forgot soo bad, y'all.

So bad.


Alright so dig, if you will, this picture.

Jen and her coworkers are on a video conference call from their homes 'cause, ya know, valid reasons. Everyone is talking, ideas are flowing, things are happening, everything is great.

The team of eleven (ELEVEN PEOPLE, fam) is discussing ethical standards in social work. Not spreadsheets.

Not who may or may not have totally called that last reveal on The Masked Singer. No, they're tackling a subject that requires some serious thought and concentration.

Jen is engrossed. Jen's bladder, not so much.

That, folks, is what we call a conflict. Now, had this been the "real" world, Jen would have had a choice to make. Hold it, or get up and leave the room and miss the information.


But that's not the world Jen lives in right now. We're all wearing jammies for the apocalypse, nobody has heard from Betty White and we have the chance to save the world by just chillaxing on our couches and still we are somehow screwing it up.

Nothing is real anymore.

Jen, engrossed in the conversation and distracted by pretty much everything like we all are, kind of forgot she wasn't watching a video and let her body autopilot the situation. And that is how all eleven (ELEVEN) of her coworkers on the call got to watch as Jen got up with her device, marched to the bathroom and did the do.

And now, so can you.

Bottom Right's reaction is everything.

Zoom Call while peeing in the bathroom. Be careful guys. Like, Share and

Twitter loves a good cautionary tale.

Note how many people had done similar things. You never think it's going to be you until it's you.

So remember, in these trying times we are all a little bit Jen, just trying to do our best but probably screwing it up. So cut your coworkers and yourselves some slack.

Send a wine delivery if that's a thing you can do safely where you are. We're all in this together.