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Veteran DC Reporter's Over-The-Top Dramatic Report About A Car Being Vandalized Has Twitter LOLing

Veteran DC Reporter's Over-The-Top Dramatic Report About A Car Being Vandalized Has Twitter LOLing
NBC News/YouTube

A car owner in Washington D.C. was horrified to see her car had been vandalized with graffiti indicating "Mike is a cheater."

She had no idea who "Mike" was.

On Sunday, Nedra Brantley discovered the damage done to her red Mitsubishi Outlander Sport that had the spray-painted message denouncing whoever this "Mike" was on the hood and on both sides of the vehicle.

Even the side windows had been snapped off and the front and back windshields were smashed.

And while the extensive damage as a result of a mistaken identity case was no laughing matter, the news report video circulating on Twitter went viral because of the very dramatic reporting by NBC4's Pat Collins.

See what social media users are howling over by watching the news clip, below.

"You're Nedra Brantly," asked Collins, to which Brantly confirmed she was.

And when he continued, "Is your name 'Mike?'" she shook her head and told him, "no, it's not."

Collins then animatedly asked:

"Have you ever gone out with somebody named Mike?"
"Do you know anybody named Mike?"

She continued shaking her head and told Collins she neither went out with a Mike nor knew a person by that name who might be tied to this particular incident.

When asked about her initial response to discovering the devastation, Brantly told the reporter:

"I screamed. I'm surprised nobody in the neighborhood heard me, because I screamed so, so loud, because I didn't expect this would happen."

Collins assessed the damaged SUV and showed viewers the three shattered points of impact on the front windshield.

"Boom, boom, boom," he said while physically simulating with his fist how the vandal might have smashed the windshield.

Collins finished the interview by addressing the targeted heartbreaker.

"Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. See what you've done. I don't know who you are. I don't know where you are. But you may want to start changing your ways or changing your name."

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, many who are familiar with Collins' passionate reporting were happy to see him get the exposure online he deserves.

Users couldn't help but continue commenting on Collins' spirited coverage.

Brantley said she is working with her insurance company to cover the damage.

She is currently waiting to hear from police officers about any updates about the scorned vandal.