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Woman Blows People's Minds By Showing How Potato Peelers Were Actually Intended To Work

TikToker @jenniabs3 gave a quick 'kitchen tools 101' lesson about why the peelers have a swivel function.

Woman demonstrates additional way to use vegetable peeler

It's no secret that TikTok is popular, but a favorite feature of the app for many is discovering tips and tricks the viewer may have never known before.

Jenni of @jenniabs3 on TikTok, regularly uses her channel, "Dinner Recipes [and] Kitchen Tools," to point out simple kitchen hacks that make a person's time in the kitchen that much easier or faster.

In a recent viral video, the TikToker shared an alternate way to use a vegetable peeler, claiming that the blade was able to swivel somewhat so that the user could peel the vegetable back and forth, shaving time off of their meal prep.

You can watch the first video here:


Did you know? #kitchengadgets

Some TikTokers were shocked to find out how long they were using a potato peeler the wrong way.







Even Twitter chimed in with similar surprise.

But some were not as impressed.

These users pointed out that the swiveling motion of the peeler was not for rapid movement up and down the produce item, though it could be used in that fashion. Rather, it was meant to be accessible for right-handed and left-handed cooks.

The swivel was also meant to be able to navigate the ruts and imperfections often found on produce, kind of like the shocks that allow a car to navigate smoothly down a bumpy road.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker claimed it was "literally impossible" to cut yourself while using her method for cutting potatoes. It's important to note, however, some users on TikTok and Twitter did not agree with her, based on their own experiences of cutting themselves.

Also, the TikToker demonstrated with a large sweet potato, which would be safer to peel.

Though there's some discrepancy here about how this type of peeler is meant to be used, and whether or not this is something worth getting excited about, it's always fun to see a new idea for how to use a tool.

It's also a great reminder that each of us has our own unique way of navigating through life, whether that is fundamentally surprising to another person or not.