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Tyler Perry Left In Tears After 'The View' Cohost's Poignant Tribute To His Late Mom

The actor and director became visibly emotional while talking about his mom, Maxine, who died in 2009, after Sara Haines remarked how she felt like she'd 'met' his mother through the documentary 'Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.'

Sara Haines; Tyler Perry

Actor and director Tyler Perry became emotional during a recent interview on The View. The segment was about Perry's upcoming documentary about his mother, Maxine, titled Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story. The documentary follows Perry's life before he became an entertainment force as star, writer, and producer of his comedy series Madea.

Perry's emotional moment came after Haines commented on a clip from the documentary, saying that she felt like she had met Perry's mother after watching the documentary. "I met Maxine through all of it, I did know her."

Perry became visibly emotional as he thanked Haines for her sentiment.

Hespoke candidly about what his mother meant to him.

"I just imagine a woman who's lived her entire life with so much pain, and she was always worried about everybody else. I watched her get sick, I watched her get cancer, I watched her have all of these things, because her intention was 'Are you happy? Are you okay?' She never put herself on the list, and she never thought she was important and never thought anybody would care. So, to say that this documentary… introduces her to the world, that moves me, because she was very special to me."

Tyler Perry Opens Up About Relationship with Mother in New Documentary | The

Perry's obvious love for his mother moved viewers.

They weren't expecting the tears, though.

Folks praised Perry in general, too.

The moment made some people grateful for their own mothers.

The interview definitely made people excited for the release of the documentary.

Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story comes out on November 17th on Amazon Prime.