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Twitter Genius Just Compared Redacted Pages of the Mueller Report to Taylor Swift's Outfits, and We Can't Decide Who Wore It Better


Here's something you should know before you continue reading: Taylor Swift has nothing to do with the Mueller report.

Taylor Swift had nothing to do with any of the nefarious happenings so meticulously detailed in the Mueller report.

We figured we should say this before you run off and breathe life into another harebrained conspiracy for someone like Mark Levin to yell about on Fox and Friends.

And while the internet has been a rather depressing place since the Mueller report was released, with both sides of the political aisle at odds over whether the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, there's been a little bit of joy for us to partake in, too.

All thanks to one Twitter user who decided to compare the redacted pages of the Mueller report to Taylor Swift's outfits.

Believe it or not... it works.

We can't decide who wore it better.

Who knew the Mueller report was such a fashionista?

We will never be the same after seeing this.

Taylor, you've got some serious competition here.

No one:

Mueller report:




And remember:

We are truly better people for having seen this.