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Popular Streamer's Response To Twitch User Who Wants To Be Unblocked Is Pure Fire 🔥

Popular Streamer's Response To Twitch User Who Wants To Be Unblocked Is Pure Fire 🔥

Though it may seem like they'll never catch up with you, your online actions have consequences that can make a real difference. That's what a gaming fan found out when he wrote popular Twitch streamer Djarii328 an essay hoping to be unblocked from her chat, only to have her expose his creepy behavior to the whole world.

Djarii had recently reposted another popular streamer's idea: if a misbehaving fan wanted an unban, he or she would have to write a 1,000-word essay showing they regretted their actions.

It seemed like a good idea, so Djarii decided she'd try it to!

Quickly, a blocked fan named Pot8o approached Djarii online, claiming he had "no idea" why she'd blocked him. A quick investigation revealed she had a very good reason for doing so: he was a major creep.




Among the messages in the banned user's chat history was an offer to lick Djarii's armpit and the claim, "I constantly have a boner for Djarii." The 1,000-word essay was still an option, however. The streamer wrote to ThePot80, saying:

So, it looks like your 1000 word essay is on how to not be a creep towards women you don't know on the internet.

When Djarii called him out for his behavior, however, ThePot80 quickly banned her. Apparently, he had been ready to dish out insulting behavior, but not so ready to receive it from the internet at large.

Twitter thinks Djarii handled the situation pretty well, all things considered.

Hopefully, ThePot80 has learned a lesson for the future.

In an ideal world, nobody would be licking anyone's armpit without their express consent.

Let's try for that perfect world, people! We're so close. If we follow Djarii's example and refuse to put up with nonsense like this, a better internet culture is within our grasp.

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