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Tucker Carlson's Latest Dig At CNN Turns Into An Awkward Self-Own—And We're Cringing 😬

Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson attempted to slam CNN and instead played himself.

Carlson took aim at a CNN discussion over the much redacted memo sent out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, over the punishment recommendations for Michael Flynn, but in the process Tucker opened his mouth and managed to call himself "dumb."

After the clips aired,Tucker turned to his television guest on air and announced:

"It's almost like the dumber you are, the more time you spend on television. There's got to be a formula."

Over the years Carlson's own television time on Fox has greatly increased, going from a contributor to Fox & Friends co-host and eventually landing his own hour-long nightly show.

Carlson began his television career with five years on CNN and another three on MSNBC before moving to FOX.

Watch the segment here.

Senior media reporter for CNN, Oliver Darcy, noticed the blunder and posted it on Twitter.


It was just too good.

At least it's more honest than alternative facts.

H/T: Huffington Post, Yahoo News

Taylor Hill/WireImage, @EternalWomenInc/Twitter

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