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Tucker Carlson Slammed For His Over-The-Top Dismissal Of Fox News Colleague Juan Williams

Fox News

During a recent appearance on Fox News' The Five, Tucker Carlson created a moment of awkwardness by cutting off co-host Juan Williams with a bizarre, high-pitched cackle.

The moment quickly made it onto social media.

You can watch it here:

The moment came after Wiliams, who has been one of Fox News' few occasional critics of former President Donald Trump, attempted to make the point there has been economic growth already under the administration of President Joe Biden.

Carlson was swiftly mocked online for both his rudeness and his strange cackling laugh.

Ironically, in trying to cut off Williams' point, Carlson ensured more people than ever would view this clip.

Carlson has developed a well-known reputation for supporting White supremacist messages.

It seems Carlson was simply not prepared to make a reasoned argument.

Behavior like this from Tucker Carlson will likely go unpunished at Fox News as long as his show draws in its usual ratings.