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Sometimes it seems that every action President Trump takes is undercut by an old tweet he wrote before his life in the government.

On Thursday, June 20, news broke that the President had authorized a military airstrike in Iran as retaliation for the country shooting down a drone the U.S. had flown into Iranian airspace. Minutes before the strike was about to happen, Trump called off the operation.

Though the U.S. managed to avoid a major conflict, many people couldn't help but notice that the President nearly sent the nation to war for almost no reason.

This escalation of tensions with Iran comes amidst the kick-off for Trump's 2020 campaign, which sees his polling numbers lagging behind every major Democratic candidate in many key states.

The entire situation seems oddly familiar somehow...

Oh that's right, future President Donald Trump sent out tons of tweets about this very situation back when President Obama was in office.

The embarrassing thing, however, is that Obama de-escalated tensions with Iran and brokered a nuclear deal with the country, whereas Trump broke the deal for no reason and now seems to be doing exactly what he accused Obama of.

Trump's ability to criticize himself from the past is truly amazing.

Twitter could practically taste the irony.

The President's poll numbers are below where he wants them, so he very nearly took the U.S. to war just to show he was strong.

Perhaps the answer to what will happen in our future is hidden in Trump's past tweets...

It's a little bit strange Trump has never gone back through these old tweets and deleted particularly embarrassing ones (all of them).

Since he didn't, it really feels like there's an old Trump tweet for everything.

Sorry, Mr. President, it seems you've been outed by your own Twitter.

Of course, the real losers here are the American people.

Especially if this old tweet is half as prophetic as Trump's other ones.

There's a certain kind of person people expect to vote for Donald Trump, whether they're real or not.

On July 21, Twitter user @malkatz asked internet users to do a fascinating thought experiment:

which fictional characters seem like they "absolutely voted for Trump."

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