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Trump Supporter Stabs That Baby Trump Balloon And, Oops, Also Herself In Facepalm-Worthy Viral Video

Trump Supporter Stabs That Baby Trump Balloon And, Oops, Also Herself In Facepalm-Worthy Viral Video
David Mirzoeff/PA Images via Getty Images, @LeeHowarth16/Twitter, The Sun/YouTube

The orange Baby Trump balloon lampooning the president was stabbed by a Trump supporter during Trump's state visit to the U.K.

The highly publicized orange baby full of hot air, that made its first appearance during Trump's 2018 visit to Britain, had been making the rounds at recent protests and sustained an "injury."

A knife-wielding Londoner gouged the side of the blimp, but in a wicked twist of fate, the woman managed to wound herself in the process.

According to Mashable, Amy Beth Dallamura is a far-right troll who calls herself "Based Amy."

Dallamura filmed the stunt stabbing the blimp, cutting herself, and getting apprehended by police.

After popping the orange blimp that had been following the various neighborhoods visited by Trump, Dallamura yelled at protestors:

"The president of the United States is the best president ever, shame on you!

She added of the balloon:

"I think Donald Trump's balloon is not very well. He's going down very rapidly."

But then she revealed the inadvertent damage inflicted to her hand.

"I'm bleeding quite badly, though," she says to the camera, holding up her bloodied hand.

Twitter called out her karmic incident.

Moments later, she tried resisting arrest and yelled at the officers:

"Be careful, I'm not dangerous."

The clip ends with a ground view of police apprehending her after she drops her phone.

Dallamura has had run-ins with the law in the past.

The Standard reported the former professional golfer tried to drown herself on 50 occasions over a span of five years, costing emergency services £1million (roughly $1,126,367) to rescue her.

In January, magistrates issued Dellamura an ASBO — an anti-social behavior order — to ban her from entering the sea, beaches, and portions of the promenade near her hometown of Aberystwyth in west Wales.

It appears the balloon survived its popping.

As the president seems to do on a daily basis, the orange baby had a hissy fit too.