The Vegas Trump Hotel Issued a  Rulebook Prohibiting Employees From Hiring Their Relatives

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If you travel up the chain of command at any Trump businesses, it won't be too long before you run into a member of the President's family. Before becoming President, Donald Trump was notorious for hiring members of his own family to oversee his various businesses and interests. And the pattern didn't stop once he took office: his sons continue to run the Trump Organization (which he has not divested himself from), and he hired his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to serve as top advisors for his White House administration.

At Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, however, a new set of rules was just distributed which prohibits employees from giving top jobs to family members.

While this level of nepotism has never been seen in the White House before, Trump has avoided any major ramifications from these in-family hirings due to a Republican-controlled Congress, constant distraction by other self-generated scandals, and an absolute shamelessness for his actions.

One has to admit, Trump's willingness to simply do as he pleases without any regard to appearing corrupt is almost admirable, if not for the fact that the Trump Organization is holding its own employees to the very standards Trump himself flounces.

The handbook reads:

While Trump International Hotel Las Vegas does not wish to deprive itself of the services of potentially valuable associates by establishing a policy excluding the employment of relatives, it must be acknowledged that such employment can result in the appearance of a conflict of interest, collusion, favouritism, and other undesirable work environment conditions.

Therefore, management reserves the right to limit the employment of relatives in situations within the company if a conflict of interest is deemed to exist.

The rules also bars relatives from working under one another's "direct or indirect supervision" so as to avoid "situations that create the possibility of conflicts of interest." This would be an admirable rule in most businesses, but, given its placement in a Trump Hotel, many of the President's critics are citing it as yet another example of his hypocrisy.

The handbook has some strong words about sexual behavior in the workplace.

Meanwhile, President Trump himself was recorded bragging about sexually molesting women while at work, and has been accused of sexual misconduct by 19 women. The Trump Hotel's rules would not approve of these behaviors:

Prohibited activity includes 'offensive sexual jokes, sexual language, sexual epithets, sexual gossip, sexual comments or sexual enquiries' and unwelcome flirting.

It seems working for the Trump Organization is a "do as I say, not as I do" situation. Perhaps the President should take a gander at his own rulebook.

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