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Trump Talks To His Rally Crowd Like He's Already Won The Nobel Peace Prize In Bonkers Video


President Trump was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a far-right Norwegian politician, but during a rally in Northern California the President addressed the crowd as if he'd already won it.

You can watch video of the odd moment below!

To be clear, being nominated for the Peace Prize is not particularly impressive—other past nominees include Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Trump himself has been nominated both legitimately and fraudulently in the past, but has lost on every occasion.

Of course, Trump's crowd didn't seem to be up to date on these facts.

Most people online felt that the President Trump has done enough to warrant the prize.

Trump's obsession with the Nobel Prize created one of many strange moments during the California rally.

Nobel Prize talk is quickly becoming a staple of Trump rallies.

Trump's nomination came from far-right Norwegian politician Christian Tybring-Gjedde, who has a history of anti-Islam and anti-immigration views.

The same politician unsuccessfully nominated President Trump for the award in 2019.

Sometimes it seems President Trump is strangely distant from reality!

It seems unlikely President Trump will end up winning the Peace Prize, but that isn't going to stop him from bragging about the big "win!"