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REPORT: Trump to Roll Back Humane Treatment of Organic Chickens

REPORT: Trump to Roll Back Humane Treatment of Organic Chickens

President Trump has a new target in his bid to destroy any remaining trace of Obama's legacy: organic chickens.

This time it's a rule requiring the humane treatment of "USDA organic" animals that is under fire.

The rule, which was put in place at the end of Obama's final term in office, would make a change to an existing rule that currently states that organically-raised chickens must be allowed at least one square foot of space to reside in, as well as having access to the outdoors. Large-scale egg producers have skirted around the regulation by building little "porches" for the chickens. But the new Obama regulation claims that the porches aren't enough.

The USDA under Trump has continued to delay implementation of the rule, saying that it could hinder organic farmers by discouraging organic practices with so many restrictions. In a statement to the Washington Post, they claim that the new rule "may hamper market-driven innovation and evolution and impose unnecessary regulatory burdens."

But proponents of ethical treatment of organically-raised animals claim that consumers often buy "USDA organic" animal products because they believe the animals are being raised humanely. They worry that farms will take advantage of the "organic" label without actually adhering to the ethical practices because they can raise the prices for their goods.

And many organic farmers that do actually care about their animals' welfare are worried as well, considering that consumers probably envision a very different reality for these animals compared to how they actually live.

The Organic Trade Organization is planning on suing the Trump administration over the regulation's demise, however. "The industry is committed to this and totally gets it, for it’s in everybody’s interest to make sure that the consumer gets what they’re looking for," Laura Batcha, the OTO's executive director told NPR.

And let's hope they win, because Twitter isn't too fond of Trump's latest move:

I wonder what Obama policy Trump will target next...

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