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'Kent State Gun Girl' Gets Roasted Online After Hawking Shirts Declaring 'Trump Is My King'

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The "Kent State Gun Girl" Kaitlin Bennett, who's become well known in conservative circles for her protests in favor of open-carry gun rights, became the target of Twitter ridicule on September 29 after posting a photo of herself in a T-Shirt that read:


Most historians would agree America was founded on the idea of avoiding a king at all costs.

Many others drew attention to some of the core messages of Christianity.

By giving up their own freedom, Americans will only be hurting themselves.

Bennett has reportedly been selling these t-shirts on her website for months, but Twitter only began taking notice when she posted this photo.

America has no king and it certainly does not need one.

Many people who claim to be true Americans seem just a bit out of touch with what America actually stands for.