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Trump Repeatedly Mispronounced 'Burisma' At Rally And Tried To Pass It Off As Purposeful—But Nobody's Buying It


Just two weeks after the President tested positive for the virus, he's back on the campaign trail sparking fears among many that he is creating super-spreader events.

Seeing pictures of his Wednesday, October 14, rally in Iowa, it seems many of those fears were justified. The massive crowds were packed together tightly, with very few people seeming to wear masks.

During the rally itself, the President seemed to be having trouble speaking.

At one point, Trump was unable to correctly pronounce "Burisma," the name of a Ukranian company at the center of a Trump-driven conspiracy theory involving Joe Biden.

Of course, Trump's wild and debunked conspiracies will not be getting nearly as much attention as his inability to speak coherently.

Many on Twitter wondered whether the President had fully recovered from his illness.

Others felt Trump's mispronunciations were pretty much par for the course.

Unfortunately, there will likely be many Trump supporters who will believe the President's wild conspiracy theories.

"Burisma" wasn't the only word Trump mangled at the event.

The President will likely mispronounce many more words in the weeks leading up to election day, but voters have pretty much accepted that as par for the course with Donald Trump.