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Trump Just Trolled Us All By Sharing A Bizarre Video Of Himself Running For Office Forever

Alex Wong/Getty Images // @ElvisTheAlienTV/Twitter

Some fear that, if defeated in the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump will deny the results and fight against conceding power, citing the president's oft-repeated claims that he didn't actually lose the popular vote in 2016 (he did).

Fanning the flames of those fears, Trump trolled all of the internet on Friday afternoon with a bizarre tweet that showed him running for office "4EVA."

The video shows Trump standing at the end of a path of campaign signs on a Time magazine cover.

Beginning with "TRUMP 2044," the years on the sign Trump stands behind gradually increase into the 7000s, ending with a sign reading "TRUMP 4EVA."

Watch below:

The original Time article from which the video derives covered the ways in which Trump's policy approaches will outlast his presidency and life.

Time called out the president for spreading the doctored video.

People were quick to troll Trump right back.

Others were straight up disturbed.

Something tells us this isn't going to be pretty.

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