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Trump Just Credited Himself With The Return Of People Saying 'Merry Christmas'—And Nobody Wants To Hear It In May

Trump Just Credited Himself With The Return Of People Saying 'Merry Christmas'—And Nobody Wants To Hear It In May
Mark Wilson/Getty Images, @contentedIndie/Twitter

Donald Trump solemnly doled out thoughts and prayers towards the victims of violent attacks on churches at an interfaith dinner before Thursday's National Day of Prayer.

But then, the conversation veered off course with news he couldn't delay any further.

He touted the return of his favorite yuletide greeting, "Merry Christmas," in May.

Speaking on behalf of Americans, Trump proclaimed:

"Now everyone's very proud to be saying 'Merry Christmas' again."


We do not know the authority on which he based his statement or if Trump is just willing the holiday lexicon back into existence from a place it never went. Sorry folks, the War on Christmas was fake news.

With 238 days left until his favorite holiday, the President reminisced about a darker time of the season.

"There was a time when we went shopping and you wouldn't see 'Merry Christmas' on the stores, you'd see a red wall and it wouldn't say that it would say 'Happy Holidays' or something, but it wouldn't say 'Merry Christmas.'"

Yes, we are back here again.

Trump called the traditional expression a "great achievement," even though it accomplishes nothing at the moment.

"We're back to saying 'Merry Christmas' again in this country and that's something I consider a great achievement because it really spells out what's happening."

You can watch Trump making his off-season remark in this YouTube clip below.

President Trump Condemns Synagogue Shooting, Pledges To Bring Back 'Merry Christmas' | NBC

This is hardly unusual for a president who drives home many of his points on repeat – whether it is concerning the threat at the U.S./Mexico border, or emphatically claiming there was "no collusion."

In July 2017, Trump brought up the subject of saying "Merry Christmas" while speaking at an event honoring veterans leading up to Independence Day and continued his war on Christmas in October while speaking at an anti-LGBT event.

Twitter is over his reindeer games.

We will always be left with questions when it comes to Trumpian logic.

At this rate, our holidays are no longer in accordance with their respective dates, because April Fools' Day is a daily occurrence in Washington.

Should you be so inclined to get a jump on the holidays this year, you can get your very own "War on Christmas" t-shirt here.