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Don Jr. Just Tried To Call Out The Media With A Tweet About Ghislaine Maxwell—And It Backfired Instantly

Don Jr. Just Tried To Call Out The Media With A Tweet About Ghislaine Maxwell—And It Backfired Instantly
Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images; Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

When will Donald Trump Jr. learn?

Once again, former Republican President Donald Trump's oldest son Donald Trump Jr. has tried to drag liberals on Twitter and once again he has face-planted so spectacularly it's tough to believe the tweet is even real. But it is, and it is yet another swing and a miss.

Trump Jr. is very angry about people being doxed for financially supporting the so-called "freedom convoy" of truckers who terrorized several Canadian cities, crippled the country's capital and ground trade and industry in both Canada and the United States to a halt for weeks on end.

So he questioned why "the media" wasn't willing to expose the "pedophiles" linked to sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. Which is a weird choice.

Because a lot of names linked to Maxwell have been released, and most notable among them is Trump Jr's own father Donald Trump.

See Junior's tweet below.

Trump's tweet reads:

"Since the media is fine doxing ordinarily people for donating a few bucks to the Freedom Convoy Truckers you’d think they’d be fine doing the same to the pedophile scum named in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial complaints… but you’d be wrong."

Anyway, here is a collage of photographs of Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile convicted of child prostitution who was Maxwell's biggest client when it came to trafficking underage girls, chumming around with Junior's dad and, in some cases, Junior himself.

Truly who is out here doing oblivious on Trump Jr.'s level?

But you know what they say—anything worth doing is worth doing well, and Junior never, ever fails at self-owning. Sure, he could save himself and all of us a lot of time by just stepping on a rake every day, but if he's the kind of guy who likes to go the extra mile, more power to him.

Anyway, Junior's father has been in Epstein and Maxwell's orbit for nearly 40 years, and when given a fail-proof opportunity to distance himself from Maxwell in the wake of her 2020 arrest, the former President simply said, “I just wish her well, frankly.” Interesting take on an accused child sex trafficker whose business associate and maybe boyfriend is a convicted pedophile, no?

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with Junior's faceplant.

Please never change, Junior. This is just too much fun.