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Don Jr. Just Interviewed His Dad For Special Father's Day 'Triggered' Episode That Is Almost A Parody Of Itself

@fjdinardo/Twitter, @mike_hamm/Twitter

In honor of Father's Day, first son Donald Trump Jr. sat down with the President for a totally-not-uncomfortable family chat about, among other things, who his favorite child is.

The interview was widely panned on Twitter for what many described as a pandering and awkward tone.

Countless people felt bad for Don Jr., who they claimed came off as desperate for his father's love in the clip.

Others felt the interview was closer to propaganda than to an actual conversation.

Fortunately, there were also plenty of warm, loving moments to balance the political talk.

If there's anyone in this country who gets worked up whenever he feels attacked, it's President Trump.

At least we've finally put the whole "beard issue" to rest.

You can watch the entire interview here:

WATCH: Triggered hosted by Donald Trump Jr and special guest President Donald Trump!

Happy Father's Day, President Trump—hopefully you have some time to sit down with Eric for an interview too!