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Fox News Personalities Fire Back After Trump Claims 'Fox Isn't Working For Us Anymore'

Fox News Personalities Fire Back After Trump Claims 'Fox Isn't Working For Us Anymore'
Alex Wroblewski/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Fox News takes a lot of flak over right leaning bias.

Since President Donald Trump took office, the network has been criticized for being propaganda for the Trump administration and a place Trump supporters can go and receive no pushback on false statements.

While there is evidence of false claims made by Fox News personalities in addition to Trump administration officials, no one at the network claimed to work directly for Trump.

But apparently no one informed Trump that Fox News wasn't state media.

After segments where Fox News shared verified facts that the President didn't like, he attacked the network on Twitter. Trump attacked their poll results and hosts that dared criticize him.

He even made a veiled threat about 2020 presidential debates.

Then on Wednesday, the President posted a rant that included:

"Just watched Fox News heavily promoting the Democrats through their DNC Communications Director, spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor, Sandra Smith."

"The New Fox News is letting millions of GREAT people down! We have to start looking for a new News Outlet."

"Fox isn't working for us anymore!"

But some of the hosts and correspondents at Fox News didn't get the memo that their job was to only say nice things about Trump and only run interviews he liked.

Outside of Fox, others commented on the tiff.

But some made the distinction the President couldn't.

While some assumed it was the precursor to the launch of Trump TV.

Although, considering the success of Trump Steaks, Trump Casinos, Trump University...

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