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Trump's Quote Crediting Americans With Things They Didn't Do Keeps Getting Mercilessly Fact-Checked

Joshua Roberts/Getty Images, @fakehistoryhunt/Twitter

During the President's Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore, he made a claim that's getting some pretty negative attention from history buffs online.

President Trump's claim, giving America credit for many great moments in history, was reposted to Twitter by the official White House account.

Twitter quickly dissected some world history for the struggling President.

President Trump has never been a big fact-checker despite his claims of reverence for history.

Most of the accomplishments Trump listed were achieved by non-Americans.

Loving America doesn't mean taking credit for all of history's great moments.

At this point, almost no one expects the President to be honest or factual.

There were other things Trump mentioned that might not have deserved any glory.

Perhaps the White House should be investing in a history teacher instead of more big speeches for the President.