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Trump Campaign Roasted After The Theme Song From 'Titanic' Ironically Plays During Rally

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images, Paramount Pictures

At a recent campaign rally in Hickory, North Carolina, the Trump campaign drew mockery online by playing the theme song to Titanic to warm up the crowd.

Titanic Trump campaign

Comparing President Trump's re-election campaign to the Titanic, which infamously sank, is well-trod ground among his critics...but very few were expecting Trump's own campaign to make the connection.

Twitter users got one last big laugh out of President Trump and his team before the 2020 elections.

Whoever is in charge of picking the warm up music at Trump rallies has made some very strange choices this year.

It's no mystery how the performers of most of these songs would feel about Donald Trump.

President Trump has officially killed irony in America.

Tuesday's elections will show whether President Trump's campaign floats...or follows the example of the Titanic and sinks below Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

Either way, however, it's likely Americans won't know the outcome for several days after the election (which is perfectly normal).