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Trump Just Claimed Biden 'Wasn't Born' In His Literal Birthplace Because He Moved Away As A Child

Trump Just Claimed Biden 'Wasn't Born' In His Literal Birthplace Because He Moved Away As A Child
David Cliff/NurPhoto via Getty Images; Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Number 45 is already doing everything he can to try and de-legitimize election results come November.

Now following in the footsteps of his racist birther theories against both Barack Obama and Kamala Harris, Donald Trump has now claimed that Joe Biden is not from Scranton, Pennsylvania.


Because Biden moved away from his birthplace as a child.

'He wasn't born here': Trump announces Joe Biden birther

Trump's rally happened to be in Montoursville, Pennsylvania which is about 80 miles from Scranton—aka, where Joe Biden was born.

"You know, he left like 70 years ago," Trump said.

"He wasn't born — I view it differently. He'd say he was born here. But he left when he was like 8, 9 or 10. So he left 68 years ago, he left. Long time ago. So I view it differently. He wasn't born here. He abandoned Scranton!"

Biden's family, in fact, moved away from Scranton when Biden was a child, to Mayfield, Delaware so his father could get steady employment and the family could stay together.

Prior to the family moving, Biden's father had been traveling back and forth to Delaware for work.

The birther theories never seem to stop coming with this guy-nor do the attempt to delegitimize the election.

In fact, it's gotten so bad that Facebook has recently integrated policies to enact in case Trump tries to delegitimize the results after election day.

"Alex Stamos, director of Stanford University's Internet Observatory and a former Facebook executive, said Facebook, Twitter and YouTube faced a singular situation where they 'have to potentially treat the president as a bad actor' who could undermine the democratic process."

Current polls have Joe Biden taking the presidency in November by close to 100 electoral votes, but if there's one thing we've learned from 2016, it's not to trust the polls.