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Residents Of A Small Town Overrun By Dozens Of Seals Are Seeking Help

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The Canadian town of Roddickton-Bide Arm, Newfoundland has called upon their federal government to help them handle an invasion of at least 40 seals.

It is not uncommon for Newfoundland to see harp seals during this time of year due to their migration south that typically begins in December.

Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald explained their lingering presence.

"They came in with the high tide, and the winds picked up and now they're trapped, because the ice formed behind them."

The mayor also stated,

"It actually feels like we're being inundated with seals, because there's seals on the road, there's seals in people's driveways, the backyards, the parking lots, the doorways, the businesses. I don't see that there's any way that these seals are going to survive unless [Department of Fisheries and Oceans officers] pick them up and literally bring them back to the edge of the ice."

At this point, two of the seals have died.

It is believed that they were victim to being hit by cars as their gray fur blends in with the roads.

People are wondering where the DFO could possibly be.

Others are frustrated that they can't do more to help the creatures.

Hopefully the DFO will step up and aid these poor animals.

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