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These Touching Stories Of The Kind Things Strangers Have Done For People Are Everything

It's easy to spend most of our time obsessing over the failures of humanity, but Twitter user @Nicole_Cliffe wanted to take a quick peek at the things that make people great.

She decided to ask:

"What is the kindest thing a stranger has done or said to you?

The thread has gone viral, and the stories people have shared are nothing short of inspiring.

Nicole began by sharing her own story:

Inspired by her example, Twitter users everywhere began pitching in with their own touching stories!

Many of them spanned multiple tweets and have stuck with their tellers forever.

What may have been disaster turned time and time again into a high water mark for humanity.

People are often at their best when others are in a place of need.

Who knows what might have happened if these good samaritans weren't there?

When we forget about ourselves and act on behalf of others, we're truly at our best.

Maybe humans aren't so bad after all.