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Tomi Lahren Was Ruthlessly Memed Over An Awkward Ad For New 'Fox Nation' Streaming Service πŸ˜‚

On Thursday, October 25, Fox News announced its brand new streaming service, Fox Nation. The service, which will launch on November 27, was announced by 26-year-old conservative pundit Tomi Lahren, known for her enraged viral videos, in an advertisement. Unfortunately for Fox, The Hollywood Reporter took a screenshot of the ad to report on the new service, and the unflattering photo of Lahren has been memed to death by the Twitter trolls of the world.

Here's THR's screengrab from the original clip:

Twitter user Parker Malloy immediately noticed the picture's meme potential.

And just like that, the internet was off to the races:

The internet has turned Lahren into the perfect symbol of entitlement and unearned superiority.

The new meme was also used to lampoon Fox News's "spotty" relationship with sensitive racial issues.

All in all, it seems Fox Nation isn't off to a great start.

Better luck next time, Tomi!

H/T - Uproxx, Know Your Meme