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'The Daily Show' Exposed Tomi Lahren as Crisis Actor in Hilariously Accurate Video

They're not wrong.

'The Daily Show' Exposed Tomi Lahren as Crisis Actor in Hilariously Accurate Video
Photo Credit: Michael Schwartz/Getty Images

Conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren, known for her extreme right-wing rhetoric, got roasted by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show Thursday night.

The Daily Show claimed that Lahren is a crisis actor pretending to be a victim on Fox News. The segment, which launched the hashtag #TammyMustGo, demanded that Fox News "pull this crisis actor off the air."

Using her own words against her, The Daily Show's blurb began with: "CRISIS ACTOR EXPOSED. Right now, a MAINSTREAM MEDIA ORGANIZATION is paying a young person to POSE AS A VICTIM ON TV."

You have to admit Lahren plays the victim effortlessly and convincingly. She remarks, "I'm so tired of listening to these leftists dismiss and attack Christians and Christianity." She also accused liberals of "looking down on gun owners as if we're just a bunch of rednecks."

The not-necessarily-untrue claim that Lahren "is being COACHED to recite HIGHLY SCRIPTED talking points" is a riff on conspiracy theories about survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, which are circulating through right-wing media outlets and social media. These offensive claims are baseless and have resulted in victims and their families getting death threats.

Following the shooting, an outcry for gun control resounded throughout the country, and Lahren accused liberals of exploiting tragedy for political gain.

Survivors slammed her for it.

Naturally, fans of The Daily Show and Trevor Noah, whom #TheFutureIsFemale described as "so naughty," really enjoyed the analysis.

For sure, wrongwayray. "Paid to be a troll" is a nice summation.

The Daily Show makes a compelling case. Lahren claims people on the right are afraid be "be themselves," and she likes to repeat "something something... emails, something something... Benghazi." She plays the victim rather well, even though she isn't one. At all. Ever.


So maybe she is a paid crisis actor? She tends to show up and go on mindless tirades whenever liberals do anything. Or whenever conservatives do anything that she assumes liberals won't like. But does she really believe it?

Good point, Nathan Royal. Apparently Lahren is "a fictional character made up to provide comic relief and inspire satire." Because that's exactly what's happening here.

The hashtag gained some traction on Twitter.

The Daily Show video ended with a demand for Fox News to "pull this CRISIS ACTOR off the air." Mhmmm.